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Piano Classes

I created my online piano class because I wish to share the experience of learning music and piano playing overseas.

Welcome to the Online Class

Being a professional piano teacher and pianist it was very important for me to understand how to make my online piano classes an effective and at the same time enjoyable learning experience. By now I enjoy teaching online as much as teaching in person. My class is fun, easy to grasp and as close as possible to the real live-piano class (see video). Every student in the world shall have the opportunity to learn music and the joy of discovering piano no matter where they are located in the world. Kids 6+ and adults of all ages and levels are very welcome to participate in my online class.

If you wish to pursue this musical journey with me as your guide you need to have in advance a keyboard/piano at home (see `Prerequisites to participate in my online class` down below). Please keep in mind that playing the piano is a learning process, it is as if you are learning a new language from the very beginning (see `Piano lessons section in my website`for more information about my teaching profile and teaching style).

Feel welcome to contact me and I would be very happy to schedule a free of charge get-to know- zoom meeting in order to discuss about your learning goals or ideas and practical terms for the class.

I bring my students as near as possible to my physical piano class with:

- Four different camera angles, so that I can explain technique, fingerings and posture.
- Great quality sound so that we can work much more in depth with the pieces.
- High quality image, so that this whole experience feels more natural and close to the student.
- copies of my remarks that are send directly to my students right after class, as well as displaying my remarks on the student`s music sheets in real time.

Prerequisites to participate in class

There are some prerequisites for a student to participate in my online piano class because I must be able to see and hear my students properly otherwise the class would be neither enjoyable nor effective. Please read more below about how to get ready before you start your class:

- Use a PC or a laptop or with a built-in Camera or an external webcam. Tablets are not recommended.

- Please pay attention to your internet connection. This is the most important of all, if we have delays the class would be very hard to follow.Make sure your internet provider offers you a relatively fast internet speed and use an Ethernet cable that connects your computer directly to the Wi-Fi modem. This little addition would make the internet connection much more stable. (Tip: please make sure if possible, that your family members won’t be using Skype or Zoom during your class.)

- Music is about sound! When the student plays the sound must be clear enough so that I am able to teach in depth. Please plug in a USB mic with your computer so that I can hear you best. Any cardioid directional mic would be sufficient. Please contact me if you need help finding one. (Tip: You need to hear me as well, so please do not forget to raise the sound lever on your computer or to even better, plug-in your speakers!)
- I have to be able to see part of your body posture, your fingers and the keyboard almost complete when you are playing (side view is the best for that, see picture to your left).

My First Online Class

At your first online class with me we can arrange to meet online a few minutes earlier to make sure that:

- Your body posture is correct.
- Your microphone stands on the right place, not too far and at the same time pointing at the piano.
- You adjust your computer volume level to make sure you hear me properly when I speak or play.

For the next classes please make sure that your setup is ready and everything works properly before class starts.

I’m looking forward to begin together the musical journey!

Lessons are given in English (native speaker), German (fluent speaker) or Greek (native speaker)
Class Duration
30/45 mins for kids (age 6+) and 45/60 mins for adults
All levels and ages are equally welcome

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