Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find popular questions and answers below.

1. How long is a piano lesson?

Piano lessons are available in different durations: 30, 45, and 60 minutes.

2. How frequent shall I have a piano lesson?

If you are starting from the very beginning with piano, I would highly suggest to have one lesson every week. Those first steps are the most important, and you would need supervision to direct your efforts in the right way. For the ones who are already having piano background, a lesson once a week or once per two weeks is recommended.

3. I don't have a piano at home yet, can I start having lessons nonetheless?

I wouldn't recommend it. Before you book a lesson you should find a small digital piano with at least 3 octaves (note, 1 octave has 8 keys). It is really important to (have the means to) practice regularly at home the new things you learn in the lesson. Your entire progress depends on it.

4. I played guitar / an other instrument / am dancing. Can this knowledge help me for learning the piano?

Certainly! It is helpful for your musical perspective and sense. Even if you start a totally different instrument, the progress you already made with developing your musical feeling and the sense of the rhythm is valuable. Those music fundamentals are essential to learn any instrument.

5. What is a trial lesson for?

The free trial lesson is an opportunity to get to know each other musically and personally and to discuss terms of the lessons.

If you play the piano already, I would love to hear you playing a piano piece, such that I can evaluate your level and create a draft of the 'battleplan' for our first lessons. Note that I don't expect a ready-to-play piece prepared, playing the last musical pieces that you remember to play will do. Or, alternatively, you can tell me the music books you have worked with in the past and which composers you are familiar playing or would like approach. This is often enough to get an idea of your musical background and where our 'journey' shall go.

If you are a newly beginner, I am very much interested to know about your musical interests (eg. type of music you enjoy) and about musical background (eg. if played any other instrument before), as well as about your personal goals and expectations from yourself and piano lessons. Based on that, I would evaluate what is the best way to start your piano-learning progress, and, from there on, add to and adapt your study plan as the lessons take place.

6. What minimum level do I need to take the classes?

Students of all levels are very welcome to my class. All you need is your passion for music and the will to practise. No musical background or experience with the piano is required, but will be taken into account if present.

7. I can't read music scores yet. Could you teach me?

Yes, absolutely. You can learn reading music scores from the very beginning with me. I can guide your music reading progress together with your piano practise as I believe this is the best way to learn. I provide a series of special exercises for that purpose, that would train your sense for rhythm, melody and gradually increasing your reading speed.

8. I am an adult. Is it too late for me to start learning the piano?

It is never too late for music. You can start with me from the very beginning. My experience, the years I was teaching adult beginners, showed me that the devotion for learning, accompanied by regular practising, is the deciding factor to reach any goal you set.

9. Do you teach children?

Children (from 6 until 9 years old) are very welcome to my piano class. Lessons for kids last only 30 mins (or 45 mins for the intensive class). From my experience, kids need some time to get accustomed to a new teacher as well as to the new environment. After a couple of lessons kids feel comfortable to explore freely the musical world. Only then it is possible for child and parents to evaluate whether and to what extend there is real interest to learn the piano.

For this reason, the lesson offerings for kids are only available as five-lessons bundles.

10. Where is the lesson taking place?

Lessons take place at my home in Frankfurt.

11. Is your home (teaching location) easily reachable with public transport?

Yes, it is. Being in Frankfurt, my home is well connected to public transport and easily reachable by train (S-Bahn), metro (U-Bahn) and bus.

12. In what language is the lesson given?

Lessons are given in English (native speaker level), German (fluent speaker level) or Greek (native speaker level) language.

13. How do I book my free trial lesson, or regular lessons for adults and kids?

Currently, there's is no online-booking system yet available. Simply contact me either using the contact form or data, both provided on the Contact page, or visit the Prices and Booking page and click on Get in Touch next the offer of your choice. The latter will additionally indicate the set of information that you are asked to enclose in your query.

14. How can I pay?

For the moment, there are cash payment and bank transfer (Überweisung) available. More payment options are coming soon.

15. What is you lesson cancellation policy? What happens if I come late?

Cancellation is possible up to 24 hours in advance and free of charge.

When the student is late, the planned end-of-lesson time will not be extended. If the lesson hasn't been cancelled and the student doesn't show within the first 15 minutes, the lesson is automatically cancelled while the full price is charged.