Piano Classes

Piano Classes

I believe there is no perfect timing to pursue your passion. This is always possible and the benefits immense.

The Teacher

Ioanna has a Master of Arts degree in Piano performance (Belgium) where she graduated with distinction and a Bachelor in Music Science and Arts (Greece) and is currently a piano teacher and performing pianist based in Frankfurt. In the age of 11 she had her first competition experience at the Hellenic piano competition Filonas in Athens. At 2009 she received the 1st price in Greece and 1st price in Alexandria (Egypt) at the international competition Jugend Musiziert in chamber music, and at 2014 she was invited to perform in Thessaloniki piano Festival Young Artists. (See full details in Biography section)

Ioanna believes that teaching the piano is a valuable part of an artist's continuous, artistic self-development and was privileged from early on to teach students from many different ages, levels and cultural backgrounds. She is thrilled to welcome future pianists that start as absolute beginners or are already experienced to join together the wonderful world of music.

"Learning the piano is a fascinating lifelong process. It can be compared to learning a new language from the very beginning, step by step. I love guiding students, who share the same passion with me through this wonderful experience of self-discovery. All levels and ages (6 - 100 years old) are equally welcome to my class."

The Lesson

In Ioanna's way of teaching the entire program is individually composed to meet each student's interests and needs and allows for an individual pace to ensure understanding due to frequent and implicit feedback.

This class is for:

-kids 6+ who start from the very beginning or have had previous experience.

-Adults that are experienced players or have had at least some piano experience in the past, or experience with another instrument or art in the past.

In addition Ioanna can guide and assist students with their preparation for their piano exams or with choosing new pieces in order to expand their repertoire and musical understanding.

Having fun and learning exemplary pieces, is considered as necessary as training technical fundamentals and musical understanding. In her style of teaching, the student is invited to form a team with her, such that challenges can be approached together.

Practical Information

Lessons for adults are of a different type than lessons for kids due to the different concentration capabilities. Lessons have a typical duration of:

  • 30 minutes for young kids (6-11 years old)
  • 30 or 45 minutes for kids (11-18 years old)
  • 45 or 60 minutes for adult beginners or intermediate (18-100 years old)

Getting to know class free of charge

For each student, an individual teaching plan is created according to his/her needs. For that, when starting lessons with a student, a first lesson is free of charge. This serves the purpose of getting to know each other (personally and musically), and to discuss the goals and expectations of the lessons to come as well as their practical terms.

Lessons are given in English (native speaker), Greek (native speaker), or German (fluent speaker) and take place at Ioanna's home in Frankfurt.

For adults students, some previous experience with the piano or another instrument or other art is required. Kids 6+ are welcome to start from the very beginning.

Please be welcome to get in touch with Ioanna directly to discuss your individual interest and learning goals, and don't miss the welcome offer for starters.

Lessons are given in English (native speaker), German (fluent speaker) or Greek (native speaker)
Class Duration
30/45 mins for kids (age 6+) and 45/60 mins for adults
All levels and ages are equally welcome

You know me?

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About pianos for Begginer and advanced students

- How do I choose the right piano for my kid to start with? - How do I start as an adult begginer...? - What is sufficient?

- As an advanced student I feel that my piano is no longer responding to me... - how can I upgrade my intrument? - what options are out there?

I created these series of videos because this would make it easiear, for parrents and adult begginers or advanced students, in order to choose the right kind of piano for them. I am explaining more about why we need each kind of piano and giving tips and advices on choosing the right one. I give some extra hints about where you might find them and what you shall pay attention to.


Younger than 6 years old?

Heidi Muendel is the founder of the Life-Sound Studio in Frankfurt. She and her team are offering a special program in their Studio called 'Mini Musik'. This great workshop is assisting children from 1,5 until 6 years of age in discovering the joy of sound, singing, movement and rhythm. "In our courses the children will play with a variety of instruments, sounds, song, and dance with a strong focus on rhythm."