Piano Classes

About the Piano Classes

Ioanna M. is giving private piano lessons in Frankfurt and surroundings, and is thrilled to meet and work with future pianists of different ages and levels. Be warmly invited to explore more about Ioanna's piano lessons below.

The Teacher

Ioanna is a professional pianist. She is holding a Master's degree from LUCA school of arts (BE), she has received several awards and is currently a performing artist. In the course of her international playing experience, she had the privilege to teach many international students of different ages, levels and cultural backgrounds.

Ioanna believes that teaching piano is part of an artist's continuous, artistic self-development and she is committed to welcome and share her experience with passionate students who want to explore the wonderful world of music.

The Lesson

Ioanna believes that teaching piano plays a crucial role in the continuous, artistic self-development and exploration, and chooses to search for individual programs and techniques to stimulate the best learning progress for her students. In her style of teaching, the student is invited to form a team with her, such that challenges can be approached together. This way, the study progress allows for an individual pace while ensuring understanding due to frequent and implicit feedback. Having fun and learning exemplary pieces, is considered as necessary as training technical fundamentals and musical understanding. The entire program is individually composed to meet each student's interests and needs, so that any level and kind of student is ensured to find a fit.

Practical Information

Lessons for adults are of a different type than lessons for kids due to the different concentration capabilities and the different ways of practising. Lessons have a typical duration of 60 mins (2 units of 30 mins) for adults and 30 min or 45 minutes for children (5 years and older).

For each student, an individual teaching plan is created according to his/her needs. For that, when starting lessons with a student, a first lesson is free of charge. This serves the purpose of getting to know each other (personally and musically), and to discuss the goals and expectations of the lessons to come as well as their practical terms.

Lessons are given in English (native speaker), Greek (native speaker), or German (fluent speaker) and take place at Ioanna's home in Frankfurt.

No musical background or experience with the piano is required, but will be taken into account if present, as the most important "fuel" about your development progress is your passion to learn and the will to practise (see FAQ for more).

Please be welcome to get in touch with Ioanna directly to discuss your individual interest and learning goals, and don't miss the welcome offer for starters.

Lessons are given in English (native speaker), German (fluent speaker) or Greek (native speaker)
Class Duration
30/45 mins for kids/kids "intense" (age 5+) and 60 mins for adults
All levels and ages are equally welcome

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