Practical Information

Location ART BASE, Rue des Sables 29,
1000 Brussels / Belgium (Map)
Date 9. December 2018
Begin 08:00 pm
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Featuring R. Schumann

This piano recital is focused on Schumann`s genius and multifaceted personality as a composer. He is zooming-in into a child`s emotional world, to then drive the listener straight into the contrast and creative dialog between the Apollonian and the Dionysian nature of the human being, supported by the picturesque musical characters of Eusebious (the mild), and Florestan (the wild). Not seldomly, those contrasting personas exist (up to some degree) as a conflict or a union in everyone of us. Hearing and feeling them in such a depth allows us to go on a creative journey of discovery and reconciliation.


Schumann Kinderszenen Op. 15 ('18)

  1. Vom fremden Ländern und Menschen (Foreign Lands & Folks)
  2. Kuriose Geschichten (Bizarre Stories)
  3. Hasche-Mann (Blind Man's Bluff)
  4. Bittendes Kind (Asking Child)
  5. Glückes Genug (Happy)
  6. Wichtige Begebenheit (An Important Event)
  7. Träumerei (Dreaming)
  8. Am Kamin (At the Fireplace)
  9. Ritter vom Steckenpferd (Knight of the Hobbyhorse)
  10. Fast zu Ernst (Almost too Serious)
  11. Fürchtenmachen (To Frighten)
  12. Kind im Einschlummern (Child Falling Asleep)
  13. Der Dichter spricht (The Poet Speaks)

Schumann Fantasiestücke Op. 12 ('25)

  1. Des Abends (Towards the Evening)
  2. Aufschwung (Momentum)
  3. Warum? (Why?)
  4. Grillen (Crickets)
  5. In der Nacht (In the Night)
  6. Fabel (Fairytale)
  7. Traumes Wirren (Sleepy Delirium)
  8. Ende vom Lied (End of a story)
  9. Anhang (Additional Remarks)

Schumann Kreislerianna Op. 16 ('35)

  1. Äußerst bewegt (Utmost Fast)
  2. Sehr innig und nicht zu rasch (Very Calm and Not Rushing)
  3. Sehr aufgeregt (Very Excited)
  4. Sehr langsam (Very Slow)
  5. Sehr lebhaft (Very Lifely)
  6. Sehr langsam (Very Slow)
  7. Sehr rasch (Very fast)
  8. Schnell und spielend (Fast and Playful)


"Fabel" from Schumann's Fantasiestücke Op. 12
"Warum" from Schumann's Fantasiestücke Op. 12
"Ende vom Lied" from Schumann's Fantasiestücke Op. 12
"Der Dichter" spricht from Schumann's Kinderszenen Op. 15